Monday, June 21, 2010


"i want someone i can go to,
someone i can tell my secrets to,
someone who won't judge me for the mistakes i've made,
for the mistakes i will continue to make.
i want someone who understands.
i want someone who hears, not just listens.
i want someone who says god night to me,
and prays to God they to have the chance to say good morning.
i want someone who knows my quirks.
i want someone who wipes my tears away,although that someone is the reason why i'm crying.
i want someone who needs me.
i want someone who loves me."


i am afraid of hurting that someone
it is possible to get that someone?
can that someone accept me the way i am?
can i understnd that someone more than i understand myself?
can all these just get out of my head?
p/s: get well soon montel..


jakob88 said...

sapemontel tu..bgtau org..berani die wat awak sedih

~nEeYsA~ said... montel tu x seht la soh die cpt seht je..hehe

jakob88 said... ayat xcm tu pn..hehe

~nEeYsA~ said...

org siap wat p/s g..haa
org ingt kt si montel tu la...risau die x seht..
yg ats2 tu len..hikhik