Saturday, August 28, 2010


My morning starts to shine with teardrops in my eyes
And here I am alone starting to realize
That my days would be brighter, if I could learn to hide
The feelings that I have for you keep hurtin me inside

Then my day begins with simple thoughts of you
Hoping that tomorrow would be me and you
Sharing dreams with each other
And making them come true
Holding one another, saying all I need is you

But will you say that you love me
And show me that you care
Say when I need you, you will always be there
But if you go and leave me
This I swear is true, my love will always be with you

Now my nights would end that just one wish that's you
To hold me in the dark, help me make it through
Cause the pain that's inside me, would simply melt away
If I had you here with me and promise me you'll stay

p/s: :(


madihahzubir said...

test dah habis, bolehlah jiwang terlebih ! yeaahh !

~nEeYsA~ said...

hhaha...g packing sne...ko kn blik awl..hehe