Wednesday, February 4, 2009

at waterfall

ri ni g pandan waterfall,panching..
wif intell mmbers n frens frm china..
oredy got my frens..master students..25 yrs old..
nme die sahar..muslim name die la..
nme cina die sush sgt nk sbut..hihi
bez gak la ckp2 ngn die..caring gak..haha..
cam bez je mndi kt waterfall tu kn?
dorg yg len men air kt situ..tpi..
aku dok tpi je..
tkut..nnti de je yg trjtuh lgi..haha..
dhla x pndai brng!
ops..lupe lak..yg ats tu waniey n dina..
bru knl ngn dina..die pun buddy gak..
sme cm nisa,pat fren yg ambik master..


Madihah said...

kamu ditag aku..cepat ke blogku!

.kakijalan. said...

krim slm kt membe bru.

Madihah said...

ak tag ko!

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wanie said...

alamak..comel la gmbr 2...nk..nti send kt wanie..hihi..aah..dlu lorr..pnh pg perth..da lme la..
hihiihi..kakak angkt duk sne..xthu sbb wanie xstory mory..hehhhe...
caya la dpt fren master...jelez nih..
kiter dgree jer...hahha..
2 pom cm chipsmore..hahaha..;p

wanie said...

aar..kt perth da lme daaa...lorr xthu sbb wanie xciter nk gmbr kt pncing 2...huuhuhu..nk post blog..hiihihi..nti send taw kt wanie ekk..