Thursday, October 14, 2010

14 oktober bday si montel!

I am not the prettiest
 I am not the cleverest
I am not the kind hearted one
I am not the one who has great sense of humor
 I am not be able to give you happiness all the time
I am not the one who always made you smile
 I am not the one who you can be proud of
I am not  like a princess that people’s adore 
I am not the graceful one
I am not the most charming one
But I am me
Someone that the others are not
 I found you
You rescued me
You repaired all the broken pieces before
You put it together one by one
You come into my life
Let me feel all kind of feelings
And yet still I am not the beautiful one compare to the others that you had met
I was the same girl I had been all my life
Thank you for accepting me the way I am
I wish I am good enough for you
The one that you can share everything with
I am trying to be and give my very best to you

my dear, 
From the day we met until now
I am grateful to have you by my side
You really cherished my day
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You make me become stronger
You are my strength
You are my soul
You are my life
You always be there when I need you
You are my day, you are my night
You make me love you a little more each time

I love u si montel!
Happy 22nd birthday!
 "bday boy asyek bz je...ish2..papepun,syg awk..cpt la smbuh spnuhnya...:).."


wanie said...

mark this!
i loike this...
i've felt 4 da same ways and for da same reasons..
its hard to say i luv u..ekekeke
but then enough for me if u juz feel it inside..honestly :))

mahira oya said...

happy birthday to si montel too..

meow said...


~nEeYsA~ said...

haha...who is dat sum1?jeng3....

mahira oya..
hehe...trimas2...bgi pihk..hehe